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The guy you were talking to on Tinder suddenly stops responding? You just got ghosted. Your kind-of boyfriend is being flaky? Or maybe you’re being breadcrumbed or cushioned—it’s hard to tell. Why are the niche terms proliferating? Relationship expert Susan Winter attributes our growing lexicon to the effect technology has on romance. There’s an “ease and lack of rules around dating,” she says.

A comprehensive guide to every dating term you’ll ever need to know — in alphabetical order

Please refresh the page and retry. Why you have a great WhatsApp chat with them, but then they go quiet for a few weeks? Or why it is that when you decide to finally break it off, they send such a nice normal message you start to wonder if you dreamt their disinterest? Instead the bencher strings along the benchee with well-timed WhatsApps and witty texts, or small promises that never materialise into big gestures. T hey do it to keep their options open — they might like the benchee, sure, but not well enough to commit.

Benching. Cat sitting on a park bench. The bench can be a lonely place. (Giphy).

Who remembers clippy? Skip navigation! Story from Relationships. From ghosting to breadcrumbing to benching, sometimes it feels like we need an entire dictionary of words describing annoying dating behaviors. Microsoft retired Clippy back in , but he lives on in our memes and memories. So what does Clippy have to do with dating? This summer, illustrator Samantha Rothenberg used the infamous icon as a visual for a certain kind of flaky behavior. A post on her Instagram account, Violet Claire, shows Clippy voicing some too-familiar sentiments.

View this post on Instagram. Seth Meyers tells Refinery Meyers says.

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Ghosting, orbiting, Draking yes, like the rapper are new digital-age relationship phrases redefining how we fall in and out of love. We long for the days of a good old-fashioned, in-person dumping, but social media and smartphones have changed the way we court. Ghosting is the act of abruptly — and seemingly without reason — stopping all communication within a romantic relationship that has built momentum.

With benching, you don’t cut off communication with the other person. Benching is more of a “we’ll circle back to this later” approach to dating.

If you’ve ever played sports in middle school who hasn’t? Benching in dating strikes a similar definition. In short, a bencher keeps you in their rotation while playing the field talk about a perfect analogy , regardless of whether or not you’re sitting there waiting and hoping for a monogamous relationship.

Because even though they are clearly interested—if not, they may pull the slow fade —they haven’t decided to commit to any sort of two-person team. When someone benches you, that’s a surefire sign that they’re not into you enough sorry to be exclusive—a super common byproduct of today’s swipe culture. And though it can come off as harsh, benching—or more specifically, dating multiple people at once—is what you’re supposed to be doing, says Ann Rosen Spector, PhD, a clinic psychologist in Philadelphia.

Seeing several people at once is the best way to figure out what you’re really looking for and who you truly want to spend more time with, she says. It also helps you avoid getting emotionally attached to a person before they’ve truly invested in you, adds WH advisor Chloe Carmichael, PhD, a clinical psychologist in New York City. And there’s really no reason anyone including you should feel the need to settle down with one person after X amount of dates.

Sometimes people want to keep dating around because they find it fun, or because they crave something casual perhaps they got hurt in the past, saw their parents separate, or just personally prefer keeping things “light” , Spector explains. That said, while benching isn’t a big deal, it can feel a bit

How to Cope with Benching, Today’s Most Annoying Dating Trend

Benching is not a particularly new or novel practice, but it has become particularly easy to do in digital spaces where people can send off quick texts or comments without committing to an actual conversation or date. To the person getting benched, it kind of feels like an extreme case of scheduling conflict — plans are made and re-made, but they never go anywhere. Benchers always cancel, rain check, or ghost just before a date. Benchers are really good soothing over any sore feelings their flakiness might have caused, though.

Benching is the idea that “I want you on my team” — meaning “I would like to date you (maybe) but not enough to fully commit to you.” It says, “I.

Along with ghosting has come benching, a new term for the age-old concept of putting someone on the backburner. It refers to keeping someone around, giving just enough attention to make sure they stay interested in you. When I re-entered the single scene in , I thought I was going to have people dying to date me in every corner of town. I was doing well in my career, was in good shape, and am pretty damn funny if I do say so myself. Oh, but how wrong I was. After one hookup, I found myself staring at my phone, waiting for her to text.

Days passed, weeks passed, until I realized that I had been ghosted. We have to wonder, in a dating landscape where keeping someone on the bench is normal and disappearing without a trace is commonplace, which is worse? Ghosting has essentially become the new breakup.

Is He Benching You?

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With benching, you don’t even get to a stage where you’re regularly dating. Instead the bencher strings along the benchee with well-timed.

Have you been glamboozled this year? Or have you just been fleabagging yourself around town? So, you drop them a message just often enough to keep them interested, but keep your options open. Named after our favourite friendly ghost, this is the act of ghosting someone, but offering a decent explanation first. A little bit like ghosting , but you never get through the first time. Like when they have to make a commitment, or meet parents, or — god forbid — post an Instagram pic together. When someone who obviously looks better when wearing a hat only ever posts photos of them in the said item.

When someone showers their love interest with affection , gifts and over-the-top gestures in order to distract from their less-than-redeeming qualities. Obligaswiping is the act of endlessly swiping on dating apps and flirt-chatting away with no intention of actually meeting up. You know when you post a whole Instagram story for the soul purpose of that one person seeing it? Think of it like throwing a spear into the entire ocean with the intention of catching only the one fish.

Coined by the guys at OkCupid, Thunberging is when potential matches bond over their shared enthusiasm for saving the turtles and aptly names after famous climate change activist, Greta Thunberg.

Benching Is The New Ghosting — But Worse

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Breadcrumbing is a dating term pulled from the old German fairytale, Benching can occur when one person is ready for a relationship and the.

The person stays in the rotation so you keep your options open, in case of that rainy day when all other options are exhausted. Yeah, cause that happens. This way of treating people like they are transactions is selfish, and we need to take the lead on bringing back the decency in how we treat each other when it comes to matters of the heart.

In other words, let it go. Back to this benching business. If a relationship is what you want, stop passively accepting your place on the bench. The response may not be what you want, and you may feel rejected because telling someone you like them is vulnerable, but at least you have the clarity and data you need to make a decision. You attract people of a similar health level, and your dating market value is going to pretty much determine who you attract.

You want awesome? Then you better be awesome yourself and the truth is, you may need to readjust your expectations and standards, or, you need to increase the value of what you bring to the table. Are you aiming too high? Are you aiming too low? Do you need to do some serious overhaul of toxic patterns that are causing you to be an unpleasant partner? Maybe all this benching is an indicator that hey, you may very well not be ready to play the field yet.

Dating tip! Ghosting, benching and bread crumbling