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Central to the core storyline are five teenagers who are profoundly changed when a music teacher motivates them to throw “what-ifs” out the window, pursue their true passion, form a band and, ultimately, seize the opportunity to express their unique selves – despite lack of support from the school administration. After premiering in April as the year-to-date’s No. The hit buddy comedy series set in the world of a tween dance show, “Shake It Up, Chicago! The comedy series features two high-spirited characters, best friends CeCe Jones and Raquel “Rocky” Blue, whose dreams of becoming professional dancers are realized when they become background dancers on the most popular teen dance show, “Shake it Up, Chicago! Between learning a wide range of new dance styles, navigating the backstage antics at the show especially with their rivals Tinka and Gunther and their newfound social status at school, the girls experience new and fun adventures, some that test their friendship. From the first movie, “Under Wraps,” to ‘s record-breaking “High School Musical 2” and “Camp Rock,” the DCOM franchise has connected with the millions and millions of kids and tweens who watch them every night. In the U.

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Be heard. Be strong. Be proud. It’s time to turn up the music and have some fun with an all-new Disney original movie, starring Bridgit Mendler, and Adam Hicks, and introducing ten awesome new songs.

Wen, Stella, Charlie, Olivia, and Mo take us back to that fateful detention where a dentist’s jingle, a teacher’s coughing fit, and a beat-up ukelele gave birth to.

Not long after my second novel, Lemonade Mouth, was published in , I got a strange and unexpected phone call at home from a Hollywood producer named Debra Martin Chase. Olivia is shy and quiet and sometimes has a hard time talking about the important things. What Mohini and I share is that we both straddle two different cultures. The filmmakers and cast were warm and welcoming, and I have wonderful memories of those days.

What a surreal experience it was to stand among three hundred extras and watch talented actors perform a concert as characters I had created in my kitchen. At one point, when Hayley Kiyoko who plays Stella started calling out to the crowd about how everyone should be nice to each other–a speech that uses my own words and heartfelt convictions–I had a lump in my throat the size of Rhode Island. My wife actually burst into tears. Out of anyone on this planet, she knew best what this meant to me–to all of us.

Pretty much whenever you see the principal standing in the audience, look over his shoulder and you might notice a guy dressed like a bee. To all the Lemonheads out there: Be heard! Be strong! Be proud! And keep doing what you love, as I have.

Recasted!! Lemonade Mouth!!

Lemonade Mouth follows a group of high schoolers that were brought together during detention. At the school they went to, all they really cared about was sports. Any other club was forced to go to the basement. After a teacher discovers the talent of these students, she encourages them to form a band.

Five high school kids, Olivia, Wendall, Stella, Charlie, and Mo, meet in detention and start a Bridgit Mendler and Hayley Kiyoko in Lemonade Mouth () Naomi Scott in Lemonade Mouth Mo (Naomi Scott), Charlie (Blake Michael), Stella (Hayley Kiyoko), and Wen (Adam Hicks) who meet in detention. Release Date.

I am mad that Chalie and Mo didnt go out and i think they should in the second movie i also think that Olivia and Wen should go out and that stell should get a boyfriend. They should in the second movie! Ilove Lemonade Mouth!!!!! It inspired me so much!!!!! Now i know that i don’t have to be shy!!!! I should speak up for myself!!!!!

I wish i was on a Lemonade Mouth movie!!!!!!!! Olivia and Wen should kiss in the second one!!!! Plus i Love Lemonade Mouth. I would love another movie i mean i saw the movie preveiws but just turned the channle cause i thought it was lame but my lil cousins wanted to watch disney channel so i turned and it had just came on and i couldn’t stop watching it.

I loved this movie! So Awsome!

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Or rollercoasters? Or flying monkeys? Javascript went to the movies together! On a date! Spot on.

Acteurs Lemonade Mouth. Photo Bridgit Mendler. Bridgit Mendler Olivia · Photo Adam Hicks. Adam Hicks Wen Date de sortie dans le pays d’origine. 15 avril.

For a while now I have seen posts recasting either webtoons, american shows, or movies. Well I just loved the idea of it! I thought it sounded super fun, so I wanted to do it too! Five students get in trouble at school and have to go to dentition. When they go to the basement of their school they are surprised to see all the other clubs except sports are down there.

Stella a very outspoken student is furious that sports clubs get all the money and the other clubs get nothing.

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Bridgit Mendler as Olivia; Adam Hicks as Wen; Hayley Kiyoko as Stella; Home Release Date And now the bandmates of Lemonade Mouth know it too.

Skip to Content. The movie is meant to entertain rather than to educate, but it’s filled with positive messages for kids and families about self-esteem, standing up for what’s right, and being honest with those you love. The movie’s many positive themes include honesty, empowerment, overcoming adversity, self-expression, standing up for your values, and celebrating families. Each character struggles with unhappiness at home, but as they discover their strength through friendship, they’re able to improve their relationships with their families.

The content touches on serious issues, like accepting a parent’s new romantic interest, balancing personal and parental expectations, and feeling like an outsider. Stereotyping jocks, “in crowd,” geeks exists to set the stage for the characters’ rebellion against how the establishment shuns them. All of the characters have personal flaws, but they discover their strengths through strong bonds of friendship, which allows them to face tough issues at home that they’ve been avoiding.

All of the families are made stronger by their members’ willingness to be honest about their feelings. One character dumps his conniving, egotistical friends to join the band once he’s touched by their message of hope. A few self-induced mishaps lead to some injuries a broken hand, a black eye.

Whatever Happened to the Cast of “Lemonade Mouth?”

This may be hard to believe, but Blake Michael is turning 24 years old on Friday, July Yep, the hilarious flick hit screens on April 15, , and fans are pretty shook over fast time has flown by. For those who forgot, the film was all about a group of high school students who met in detention and decided to form a musical group in an attempt to compete against a popular rock band. But what has the cast been up to since then?

After premiering in April as the year-to-date’s No. “Lemonade Mouth 2” will reunite fans with Olivia, Wen, Stella, Mohini and Charlie, and.

But with Lemonade Mouth , and the songs in it, a drum teacher actually came into teach me a lot of the stuff. But the band is helping her on that front. He plays keyboard for the band and also raps. It was incredible to write the rap lyrics for the three songs…just really fortunate. It must be so difficult. The movie, which stars Bridgit Mendler , Adam Hicks , Hayley Kiyoko , Blake Michael and Naomi Scott , tells the story of how a powerhouse band came to be after five uncelebrated students with a passion for music find each other and ultimately become the voice of their generation.

In addition, the soundtrack which features a few songs written by Adam , will be released on April 12th. However, not everyone in the school is ready to cheer them on, especially since the popular rock group Mudslide Crush is determined to maintain their headline status and win the coveted Rising Star music competition at Mesa High. While the flick premieres on March 25, the soundtrack hits shelves on March Just Jared Jr. Send Tips! E-mail tips justjaredjr. Thu, 07 April Wed, 06 April

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It has a lot of great moments in it that could spark a hint of inspiration or possibly just entertain a person during a downtime. It seems like Blake took a break between Lemonade Mouth and his other projects and since then his career has been a bit spotty. His biggest role to date, and the most constant, was a part in the show Dog with a Blog.

i think charlie and stella, olivia and wen, and scott and mo should be should be a lemonade mouth 2!!!!!!!!!!! olivia and wen should have dated.

You might reasonably expect that’s just a new way to dress up what appears to be a beast all too familiar to the 21st century Disney Channel: a commercially minded tween-oriented musical. And while you can stick that label on this, the cable network’s latest original movie, the unconventional cover design accurately reflects that you are not getting just another new production in the mold of High School Musical , “Hannah Montana”, and Camp Rock.

In contrast to all of those lucrative franchises, Lemonade Mouth does not feel like it was written by a mix of computer program and committee. Nope, this one actually feels like it was created for humans by humans and that distinguishes it as one of Disney Channel’s best original movies in quite a while.

It may help that Lemonade Mouth is not an entirely original project, but an adaptation of Mark Peter Hughes’ young adult novel of the same name. It isn’t unique in that regard; a good number of recent DCOMs have made use of modern literature. I can only assume, though, that Hughes’ text provided a sturdier than usual foundation and that April Blair, who wrote the teleplay, found ways to stay true to the book’s voice and possibly strengthen it, having no prior Disney Channel experience to use as a crutch.

You can tell by the opening moments that this is not generic regurgitation founded upon market studies. The movie opens with five good kids in detention. It is from this shared encounter that the titular band is formed. Each member has a personality, a source of domestic unease, and opportunity for growth. The anarchic Stella Hayley Kiyoko, Velma in the two live-action Scooby-Doo TV movies , the black sheep of her brilliant biracial family, is new to Mesa High School, starting a month into the new school year.

Ginger boy Wen Adam Hicks, “Zeke and Luther” is not pleased his newly-divorced father is dating a year-old community college student.

Lemonade Mouth: Olivia’s Cat Nancy died – Descussion about the Problems